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Extensions Type Total Number Current Volume Normal Expire in 7 Days Expiration Amount RGP Pending Delete Registerable Renewal Volume Renewals in 90 Days
Renewal Volume Renewals Other Renewals
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1.Former Volume: The total amount of bulk registration domains within the scope of monitoring system(Renewal Volume+ Renewals in 90 Days+ Expiration Amount+ Abandoned Amount + Registrable Amount)。  View detailed monitoring scope
2.Active Renewals:①Domains Renewed before Expiration;②Domains Renewed from Expiration to Pending Delete but before Deletion;
3.Other Renewals: Domains Renewed in Expiration but before RGP ;( Registrar Renewals and Some Active Renewals)
4.Abandoned Amount = RGP Domains + Pending Delete Domains + Re-registration Domains